Reduce operating costs and server load - let's do this together


We know the cameras require cloud infrastructure and we know you need some help because of the email that went out a few weeks ago regarding person detection requiring server side detection. Please allow your users to help you lower the burden by making some seemingly simple improvement.

We need automated control on when cameras the cameras have detection enabled. Nobody wants push notifications on cameras that frequently have motion, but I sure want it when I am not expecting there to be motion.

1 - Modify your rules to allow auto enable/disable per device settings such as power, detection and alerts. based on the users phone location. Seems like you have this with your locks.
2 - Allow for more 3rd party integration. Instead of owning the integration create and open up an API. The community will come integrate with 3rd party apps (smart things, hubitat, homekit, etc).
3 - Allow Amazon/Google to control these functions. As I walk out my door I can tell Google I am leaving and have it turn on what I want on, and off when I get home.

For me this would also encourage me to buy more devices, and at the end of the day you are still selling product, but now your users can help you lower the cloud costs.

The only reason I can think of for why this wouldn’t be in your best interest is if you are mining data from the clips. Please help us help you.