Red Colored "Monitoring" When Armed

I’m quite busy and frequently forget that I’ve set my alarm. Having the words, “Monitoring” and/or the shield above the words, in red when the system is armed would be an immediate reminder. So that when I use the app to unlock my door (most frequently how I unlock my door) I’ll be reminded that the system is armed.

Welcome to the community @leslie.lowrance! Great idea! I would welcome a color coded button that changed from the grey to Yellow on the Home when it is armed and Red on the Away when it is armed with “Monitoring” or “Armed” on the buttons or above/below it. Perhaps one step further would be for a persistent notification icon in the notification bar of the phone with a special “Home” and “Away” icon. I already have the Wyze logo up there 24/7 telling me the app is running in the background (before anyone suggests, yes I do know I can disable that). That way I can just pull down my notifications and see that all is as it should be.