Red-bellied Woodpecker

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Hmmm @StopICU33. Looks like the woodpecker is hiding behind a white screen on my Windows 10 laptop. Is it just me?

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It plays on my iPad but it doesn’t play on my Android. :thinking: I’ll try again. Screenshot


Yeah, that’s strange. I just tried to play it on my iPhone and the videos work. Not on the Windows 10 laptop.

Around here, we have Red Headed Woodpeckers. I’ve never seen a Red Bellied Woodpecker before (although just checked their range and my area’s included).

Then again, I probably wasn’t looking closely enough at the woodpeckers to notice the difference. I absolutely hate when they decide to peck at my house!

Jeese, first new addiction to meteor watching, now I’m starting to look more closely at birds!

Neat capture!

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Plays great on my iPad. His (her?) head looks red, not sure about the belly! Thanks for posting.

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This one looks like a female. They have a slight pinkish spot on their belly not always easy to see or capture. Not sure why or who give them the name Red-bellied. :upside_down_face:

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Not playing on my windows desktop…

Played fine on my Windows 10 desktop

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Download the video and play it in VLC.