Recurring Payments?

I purchased a Wyze Cam v3 a few months ago.
How can I tell if Wyze put me on a RECURRING PAYMENT??
I see nothing in my Account about that but my CC carrier states that a charge MAY such a payment?

I think that’s just a standard message from your CC carrier, but if it helps reassure you, you can do the following:

Log in to with the same account you set up and ordered from.

Click on the top right and select “My Account”

And see if there is anything listed there. here is an example of mine:

You’ll see it tells me every subscription I have and when/if it auto-renews and it will list what payment it will happen with (what kind of credit card or other payment and the last 4 digits…which I have edited out of course).

Looks like I need to cancel my extra Sprinkler Plus subscription. I didn’t realize it was still on there. OOPS!

There, I just canceled it and now it shows up like this if it’s not auto-renewing with a payment card:

If you don’t have anything showing up there, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. However, if you ordered through the app, then you should check in there too.
Go to the Account Tab, then click on Services:

In Services, you will tabs up at the top, for all the possible subscriptions, just check each one and make sure there is nothing showing up down there:

I hope that helps. :+1:


Thanks for the quick reply!
I did find a recurring charge!
It is no longer happening as I was able to get rid of it.

Thanks! I really appreciate the help.



I’m glad you checked since that isn’t what you wanted!
You’re welcome, Jesse.