Recurring connection issue solved

Hello new member here. I just received 2 new Wyze Pancams and immediately began having re-connection issues. Worked great first install and use but neither would reconnect after closing the app.
Deleted app on both iPhone and iPad and reinstalled. Reconnected to 2.4g wifi and again worked first time and then nothing.
Both installs, second time around, NO light on front of camera, neither yellow or blue. Checked connections.
Surprise solution: I replaced the rectangle OEM power connector with a spare SQUARE one from my iPhone and connection is now complete each and every time.
Word to the WYZE, (pun intended), your cameras are great, your power connectors are second rate.

Try contacting wyze support because it sounds like you have a defective power adapter and wyze might replace it.

There was a batch of power blocks that had bad sonic welds and would separate, leaving exposed contacts on the wall socket. You may have one of those that has not completely failed. Wyze definitely wants these back and will replace them.