Recover deleted videos

Can someone please tell me how I can recover my videos I am waiting on wise support but it seems like very odd obviously someone’s going to come in your house that knows what they’re doing and take what they want I was burglarized and assaulted from behind and I don’t have any videos my phone with my hand in my phone’s sitting here without videos from around that time until now actually they’re all off they’re all blinking

Can you please edit your post so there is something resembling proper use of punctuation and capitalization. With that entire paragraph all one run together sentence, it is insanely hard to read, and damn near impossible to understand what you are saying. We’re happy to help you, but need to understand what you are asking.

The first part I was able to figure out - you are wanting to recover video recordings that have been deleted. As far as I know, once deleted, videos are gone for good.

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