Records movement 1 out of 10 times

Just got the camera, aimed it at the walkway to the front door, walked away, turned the corner, waited 1 minute, then came back, entered the house and waited for the notification. It only records me leaving, not returning. It seems once it records an event, it won’t record another until I tap the “live stream” and “activate the camera”. Did this about a dozen times. Thanks for any help.

The events record 12 second clips and uploads them to AWS. The cool down period for events is 5 minutes. So you will have to wait 5 minutes until another motion event triggers. Or you can put an SD card in there and use the motion event to reference the SD recording.

Is this what you are referring to?


thanks for replying, I got some help via email and had to reset the camera and it fixed the problem. Cheers!

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That’s awesome! Let us know how you like it.