Recordings stops before motion stops even with camPLUS

I am using the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro which is tied to a camplus subscription. I have subscribed to the camplus service to compensate for this precise issue.

The issue I am having is quite simple. Let’s take for example a package delivery. The delivery person arrives at the porch, the recording starts. The delivery person rings and wait for an answer.

The recording stops after approximately 10 seconds even if the subject is still standing, and I lose visibility over the situation. I looked into my settings, I have video lengths set to 180s with no cooldown period thanks for the camplus plan but I still get the same issue.

Is there a method to perhaps, disable ‘‘recording stops when motions stops’’ for paid subscription ? Or else, if Wyze wants to investigate the cause of recordings stoppage while subject standing.

I get that maybe the delivery person is just standing there in front of the camera, not dancing and the camera may define this as a motion stoppage but this need to be improved on.

Any help will be appreciated.

I am guessing the standing, and not moving is what is causing the initial event to stop. I would try upping your sensitivity so that smaller movements trigger the PIR and recordings. But even with the cam plus on the camera, it should be starting a new event when the stagnant standing person starts to move. I think I’m thinking your sensitivity will help this also.

Tha la for your suggestion, I had it set to 2, I have increased it to 4 and will report back in a couple of days !

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