Recordings For Dummies?

I’m trying to reconcile all the info available on various Youtube videos regarding things like the length of events (12 seconds? 60 second blocks?), when to expect notification, playing back from cloud vs SD card etc. Is there an overview somewhere that ties them all together?

For example, I was just out walking my dog (I got a V2 to send me notification when she appears at the patio door) and decided to try and view a saved event and maybe switch to SD card playback. When I tried this, however, a message “playback not available to shared user” appears. Huh? I’m not a shared user; maybe a mobile user.

Okay, I figured out that maybe it doesn’t make sense to try and playback from the SD card when there is a cloud version available, but a 1-page user summary would be really useful.

12 second clips go to the cloud and show in the Events tab.
Continuous video or motion clips sre saved to the SD csrd in 60 second increments.
You can have both cloud clips and SD clips.
If you are not a shared user then the message is a problem.

The above jives with what I’ve seen on Youtube videos, but if I open the events screen on my phone, there is a 32-second event (me walking by the patio door) which downloads and plays. It’s important to understand what I should expect to see, especially if the length of the event affects the arrival of a notification (which, in the case of this most recent event, never arrived).

Yes, the message that tells me I’m a shared user is erroneous. I think it’s trying to tell me that I can’t view locally-saved events once I leave the WiFi network and become mobile.

No. A shared user is someone who has access to a camera that isn’t connected to their own WYZE account. The camera is shared from another WYZE account.

If you have event clips longer than 12 seconds they are CMC or Cam Plus events. Are you subscribed to Cam Plus? Either a full subscription or a trial?

Yes, this is a new camera and I have a 30-day trial subscription to Cam Plus.

I agree, I’m not a shared user, and shouldn’t be getting a message telling me that shared users can’t perform playback when mobile. If I can’t access my locally-shared events then that is what it should be telling me.