Recording Sound

I want to try and setup one of my cameras to record sound, a neighbor has complained that our dog barks all night and I would like to see how much he barks and when. I was thinking I could set the camera on the outside porch and set its sound alarm for a range of 7PM to 8AM. Will that record his barking and time stamp it? I installed an 8GB SD card and I was hoping the file(s) would be placed on it for review.

Can anyone tell me if the camera is capable of doing this and suggest settings that I may have overlooked?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

That should work. Make sure you set up local recording in Advanced Settings. (I would not rely on the sound detection 12 second cloud clips for this.)

The SD card recording and the sound alert recordings are completely separate. Just record to the SD card and then go back and play the time you’re interested in later.