Recording saved to album

I clicked on the recorded events trying to see what’s been recorded and it seemed that the v2 camera was in the middle of recording an event, and I was asked if I like to stop the recording and save it to the album or to cancel, not knowing if the event being recorded is important I tried to cancel, but it was stopped and saved to the album.

The saved recording was more than 32 minutes long, and because the image was blurred by the sun through a big window, I couldn’t see anything but I doubt there was anything happening that lasted so long.

By stopping the recording did I hurt the regular recording function of this v2 camera? and what could have happened for the v2 camera continue to record for so long?

Best guess is you accidentally pressed the Record button in live view, then kept live view running. Under those circumstances it would have recorded as long as you left live view up. When you tried to go to the Events tab it asked if it could terminate the recording. If true, you didn’t do anything to the camera, except terminate a live view recording you didn’t know you were making. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for the fast help.

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