Recording on SD card with V2 cam

Hi. I am using two V2 cams. Before I go out and buy Micro SD cards, I want to know the following details. Please share if you have experience.

What is the recording limit on the Micro SD card with Cam+ (full length) or without Cam+ (12s limit)?

Can I have V2 cam record to Micro SD card when the camera loses WiFi connection for any reason?

Is the video from Micro SD card visible in the app or do I need to plug in the card into a computer?

There is also a USB-A socket on the back (right above the Micro USB). What is that used for?


The SD Card is not affected by Cam Plus purchase. That is only for the cloud events under the Events tab.

Yes, but a caveat here – if the camera loses Internet, it must have Internet to boot again. Until it boots, there will be no recording to the SD card.

You can plug it into a computer, but it is available in the app using the Playback button under the live stream, or in each event using a Playback button there. If you use the Event Playback button you jump straight to the same time on the SD card. Works best when you are continuously recording to the SD card so you don’t have to worry about the “Events Only” SD card setting, with it’s separate preset detection thresholds, also capturing the event.

The USB-A socket on the back of a V2 is used to daisy-chain a second V2 off the first V2s power adapter. Rarely used.


That’s very helpful. Thank you.

I am just a bit confused about the WiFi answer. Do you mean that when WiFi connectivity is lost, the camera also lost power, then it cannot restart until it has WiFi connection? That’s a bummer.

If it is not a power loss situation and camera has been on, but WiFi is lost due to a router glitch, then does the recording continue to the card?


Recording to the SD card continues with the loss of WiFi until the camera also loses power. Then you need WiFi with an Internet connection to get the camera up again.