Recording Length for v2

I gave away my older Yi 720p system for the new V2 versions of the Wyze cameras. So far things are mostly not too shabby (although Yi night vision is much better in my opinion / better contrast and motion). But the killer for me is the 12 second recording cap. The Yi would simply stop when the motion stopped. This makes way more sense. Is there any reason why there is a 12 second cap? I’m using 32GB cards in all my cameras and I don’t like the Continuous recording as the UI to scrub is still very cumbersome and hard to scrub to desired locations. There should be color bars or something of the sort where there was motion detection if you want to only look at those moments.

It is sort of a deal breaker for me and I’m considering switching to Yi 1080p systems to get back the software versatility.

The 12 second limit is only for FREE cloud storage. If you switch the mSD card recording mode from continuous to record events, then it will keep recording to the mSD card as long as motion continues.

When scrubbing the timeline, when you get close to the time you want to look at, use a pinch-out gesture on the timeline to zoom in for finer grain control.