Recording failed

Have cameras with SD card and subscribe to Cam Plus. On Wyze Cam Pan, defaulted to a date of 31 December 1969 for event recording…!! Fixed this with software update so now shows current date but does not record anything. Did record OK and now notice under Manage SD Card says “Unsupported microSD” Cannot format it. Running firmware Cam Pan is version 2.451. Since I have Cam Plus how can I access cloud recordings if SD card has failed…?

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You can try to pull the card and format it externally. But I would say an SD Card replacement is in your future. I suggest a card specifically marked “High Endurance”.

Because Cam Plus “Cloud” Event Video recordings (Events Tab) are uploaded and stored in your account on the Wyze servers in the “Cloud”.

SD Card recorded videos are completely different video files saved to the SD Card and accessed thru the Playback feature.