Recording events on to SD 32GB, error: save failed on Wyze pan

Hi all,

I have a 32GB Sd card that records events fine. When I try to take a picture or record the playback it errors out and says “saved failed”. Pan running and app is v2.0.21 on iPad latest iOS. I run a beta on my phone (the latest beta) does that have something to do with it? Older iOS app using newer hardware firmware? I will test this out on my iPhone but I figured I would toss this question out there.

I find it odd I can record all the events but I can’t save pics or video clips to share (for example to law enforcement if necessary).

I did not format the card I just used it out of the box. Should I try to format and then save?


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Figured it out. I used the new beta app on my iPhone and it saved fine. Appears to be an issue with a production app version that doesn’t support the beta pan firmware.

Btw- a strobe light, bright light, tv simulator, etc flashing as a light source, and using a mirror to reflect IR back into the camera, effectively nixes any type of human tracking. The camera bounces all around and if you move slowly enough, you can compromise it’s motion tracking.

The pan rotates so much that it leaves out the real threat, a person. I recommend adding pan rotation limits, the ability to exclude certain areas, identify and ignore stantionary static light sources, and work oh human body Classification/identification.

Hell if I blink all my hue lights in my kitchen and living room and leave a led tv simulator flashing- Pan spends all its time rotating like its following a png pong ball match.

I can walk right up to it and effectively disable it by putting a mirror in front of it and causing IR reflection and feedback loop. The alerts do not include me or if they do it’s for half a second. A determined attacker would make himself difficult to identify. Then again there would have to be a serous light show, but if it’s a 2nd home you’re monitoring, who would notice?

Otherwise fantastic product and I can’t wait for more features to come, esp 2 factor! I intend to purchase another pan and keep my cam v2 as backup.


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after pulling my hair out I finally figured out why I could not record playback or use any album features on my iPad running the latest iOS… getting saved failed is a permissions issue in iOS.

A while ago I disabled camera and photos for use by any app (remember paranoia is reality on a finer scale) so I removed the restriction and it works fine on my iPad. I did not have these restrictions in place on my phone.

Settings → screen time → content and privacy restrictions → enable camera

And it’s all set.


That will do it. Glad you figured it out and thanks for sharing the results and the fix.

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Yes. Be careful using these options. They are buried and after you set them it may cause frustration! They are hidden!

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