Recording and iPad sleep

I’ve just purchased an SD card in order to be able to record continuously from my Wyze indoor cam. When I start the recording from my iPad, all works well and the video can be readily reviewed from my photos album, which is virtually empty and there is plenty of space available. However, the iPad is set up for the display to go to sleep after 10 minutes. When it is asleep, as I wake it, the recording has stopped and required to be started again in order to continue. Is there a way around this? Thanks in advance.

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There’s no need to start recording on the IPad, the camera will record to the SD card in the camera. You can go to the “view playback” section in the camera livestream to see the recordings. More information here:Micro SD card recording with your Wyze Cam

Thank you for your reply. What appears to be happening is that the camera is indeed recording directly onto the SD card. On the app, when I go from the full screen recording back to the cam options, selecting “View playback” brings up a message saying that the recording will be stopped and be saved to the album on my iPad (so to copy the recording from the SD card onto the iPad?). The issue seems to be that when the iPad screen goes to sleep after 10 minutes, it’s automatically stopping the recording. So for instance, if I was to leave the camera to record overnight, when reviewing the recording the next day, there is only the first 10 minutes while the iPad was awake that have been recorded and nothing else.

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You don’t need to press the record button in the app. Try not pressing it, you see it still recorded. The record button is for recording a key event during a livestream. The camera will automatically record to the card with motion or continuous depending on your settings.

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I see. I’ve just come across a view where the timeline is moving underneath the video window. So by purely leaving the camera alone, even if it’s not connected to my iPad, means it’s still automatically recording onto the SD card?

If you have a sd card in the camera, and local storage enabled, the camera is recording to the sd card. There is no secondary input that is needed by the user. If you want to review footage at anytime, now you can connect to the camera in app, and click in the playback button.

I only use the manual record if I want to save small clips from either live or playback.

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Brilliant! Thank you.