Record while streaming

I’d like to have my cameras and doorbell record events even while I’m looking at the livestream from my camera.

[Mod Note]: Request was moved to this category as your request is satisfied by existing functionality.

I have tablets streaming quad view most the time and I still get event recordings to SD and the cloud.

Which product were you using? I was watching through my doorbell and didn’t get an event when someone came to the door.

All V3’s, V2’s and one V1 Pan Cam. The WCO and video doorbell are junk in my opinion and don’t own those.

I love my doorbell - I’ve only had it a few days but the image quality seems much better than my recently burned-out v2 was, it can’t be unplugged like V2 could, and it’s weather-resistant. I just want it to be able to record while I’m streaming from it.