Reconnecting my outdoor cam base

I’m trying to reconnect my base after changing my phone but I keep getting a message to get permission from owner. How can I fix this?

You shouldn’t need to switch the base to a new phone. Are you trying to switch it to a new account? If you got a new phone, or any new device, all you need to do is install the wise app and login and all your current devices should populate, no need to reset anything up. There is a security feature with the wise cam outdoor and the base that disable it if a possible theft occurred and the suspect or someone later tries to set up the camera. It states the message that you commented. If you wanted to get rid of that message for whatever reason you need to log into the account that the base and camera were previously set up on and delete the device through the app. I believe the devices need to be online and working when you do that for it to take correctly.

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Is your new phone connected to the same network SSID as when the base and cam were originally set up?

I’m using the same account. The base was plugged in all along but nit the cameras. I can’t remember using a different account. The outdoor cam was on the same account as my pan cams.

Yes my phone and base are in the same network.

Did your Pan cam show up on your new app automatically or did you have to add it?

I was constantly using the pan cam so there was no need to add it.

I’m sorry. You were correct. It was assigned to another email.

So did you get the base to connect and the cam to work?

Yes everything is working under one email address now. Thanks

Great :smiley: Glad to hear you are back in business.