Recommendations for additional weatherproofing v2 Outdoor

Hello. I live near the water on Long Island, NY–i.e., a salt bay is adjacent to my backyard. I’d like to make some additional protection for my new V2 outdoor. I thought about some sort of enclosure, but am concerned that if, e.g., I made a plexi front for it, that would interfere with the night vision.
Any thoughts/ideas?

The Wyze Can Outdoor V2 is already an outdoor rated camera. It has an IP65 rating.

In regards to the night vision, if you didn’t want to use the inboard IR lights, and wanted to use external illumination then you should be fine in that front, because the WCO v2 has the starlight sensor.

Another thing to take into account is that the pir detection system of the WCO v2 doesn’t work, and won’t work through the plexy glass front.

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