Rechargeable backup battery for power outage

I use a cell phone portable charger in line with the camera and power adapter and it works well for me.

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I might have missed it, But not only do you need to power your cameras in a power outage, But also your modem and or router. When they release the new memory storage system you would need to back that up to.

Yep, there are way too many market UPS devices that will solve this already. Building it into the product will not solve the need for the modem, router, separate IR lights or whatever else is needed for it all to work during a power failure.

Keeping the camera powered would still record to the SD card.
I’m with on not reinventing the wheel. There are lots of batterybackup solutions available.

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Most cell phone power banks or battery packs won’t send power to the USB port while they are charging.
Does yours have a make and model printed on it?
It would be good to know which ones work.

I bought this off-brand charger from WalMart: Model # 16WMS126 made by Shen Zhen DNS Industries Co., LTD. / China 1803A. This unit charges and supply power for the tilt and pan unit I tested it on. Also, I have an older Anker charger that I purchased from Amazon and it also charges and supplies power at the same time. I hope that this will help you.

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Can you provide any information about the actual power draw of these cameras? I am thinking of setting one up with a solar trickle charger in a building without A/C. For example, how long (roughly) would it run powered by 4 D cells? 12 automotive battery?

I don’t have that at my fingertips. But it’s been discussed a bunch on here. I would search in #ask-the-community for “solar”, “watts”, etc.

I was hoping more for a technical document. What I’ve seen so far is just hacked together from whatever was at hand.

I just plugged one into my Kill-a-Watt and it shows 2.0 watts while streaming and recording to the mSD card. That is, of course, measured on the AC side of the power supply (night vision off).

Here are the official specs:

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Thanks. I can work with that.

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I emailed Anker Tech Support about this product, which, if it worked as a ups would be great. Their response: “Per our product engineer, if you plug the battery into wall and connect a device (doesn’t have its own battery) into the battery, as far as we know, your device will be charged all the time. The battery will not start recharging in this case.”

Instead, I found a reasonable and inexpensive solution - a 3 pack of Sunbeam LED nightlight/power failure lights with USB (1A) output (see . I have my wyze cam plugged into the Sunbeam’s USB port and the Sunbeam into the AC outlet. When AC power is removed, the camera continues to operate. When AC is restored, the camera reboots. I did not test to see how long it would run.

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Or you could use another power back-up for your modem and router. I have an APC power backup connected to my router and modem and it has saved my but on so many occasions.

It looks like it’s saying 3-1/2 hours for the LED light. I suspect you would get 2 hours or less with the camera connected.
Let us know if you test it. :slight_smile:

Regardless of what Anker Tech Support may have told you I have tested it and am using it as stated and it works fine.
After power outage (even when a device is plugged in) it starts up and the leds are blinking the same as when in a normal charge cycle and the camera works.

That equipment is already available. You can buy uninterruptible battery powered power supplies to plug your router and computer and other equipment in true the ticks over automatically when landline power fails. They run from 30 to $100 in the larger ones can run a large amount of equipment for an extended. Of time. Each UPS has AC plugs for six to eight devices. I have UPS’s for each of my for televisions and three of my desktop computers and routers and never have a storm problem at all

Battery back up system that plugs into USB port on back (maybe better for a slightly larger outdoor unit) that sits on a standby/trickle charge when not in use. And in case power goes out it switches over to that and stores all motion alerts and people alerts automatically on sd card so while you can’t view them right then and there you have them saved

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I live in Angola and power outages are constant. I do have an ups for the router but my wyze cams are placed in areas where a standard UPS (big and heavy) is not suitable. Also you would be converting the internal 12v DC to 220v AC then the attached wyze power converts again to 5v DC to power the camera. So asking for a small easily placeble real UPS supplying only the USB power is valid.

I use a very small UPS that puts out 125va. Cams shouldn’t take too much. Not sure if it would help you.

The picture is the one I use on my extender
There are also USB type-A plugs available.

The problem with a typical UPS is the AC inverter itself burns up some power. The ones in a consumer grade UPS also probably aren’t that efficient. Worse, even with a UPS that has UPS ports, odds are the inverter is active even if nothing is plugged into the AC outlets.

Another source of a “USB” UPS would be the battery bases made for the Amazon Echo 2nd gen and Google Home Mini. These can sometimes be quite inexpensive (just found one earlier today for a Mini for only $13.99 on Amazon). The biggest problem is they have a short micro USB cable that is meant to plug into the unit nestled into them, which requires the extra expense of a micro USB extension cable.

Perhaps Wyze should consider making a low cost USB-only UPS. It would be useful not only for the WyzeCam, but a variety of other devices.

On a different matter, if one has a router that is powered by an external 12 volt AC adapter, look on ebay for a “Belkin Residential Gateway Battery Backup”. I purchased one of these for use with my router, and while I was prepared for possibly having to change out the plug to make it fit, it worked out of the box. It also lasts for many hours, far more than the ~90 minutes my APC Back-UPS BN450M powers my cable modem (which has an internal power supply, meaning a DC-DC UPS is not a possibility).