Rechargeable backup battery for power outage

Battery back up system that plugs into USB port on back (maybe better for a slightly larger outdoor unit) that sits on a standby/trickle charge when not in use. And in case power goes out it switches over to that and stores all motion alerts and people alerts automatically on sd card so while you can’t view them right then and there you have them saved

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I live in Angola and power outages are constant. I do have an ups for the router but my wyze cams are placed in areas where a standard UPS (big and heavy) is not suitable. Also you would be converting the internal 12v DC to 220v AC then the attached wyze power converts again to 5v DC to power the camera. So asking for a small easily placeble real UPS supplying only the USB power is valid.

I use a very small UPS that puts out 125va. Cams shouldn’t take too much. Not sure if it would help you.

The picture is the one I use on my extender
There are also USB type-A plugs available.

The problem with a typical UPS is the AC inverter itself burns up some power. The ones in a consumer grade UPS also probably aren’t that efficient. Worse, even with a UPS that has UPS ports, odds are the inverter is active even if nothing is plugged into the AC outlets.

Another source of a “USB” UPS would be the battery bases made for the Amazon Echo 2nd gen and Google Home Mini. These can sometimes be quite inexpensive (just found one earlier today for a Mini for only $13.99 on Amazon). The biggest problem is they have a short micro USB cable that is meant to plug into the unit nestled into them, which requires the extra expense of a micro USB extension cable.

Perhaps Wyze should consider making a low cost USB-only UPS. It would be useful not only for the WyzeCam, but a variety of other devices.

On a different matter, if one has a router that is powered by an external 12 volt AC adapter, look on ebay for a “Belkin Residential Gateway Battery Backup”. I purchased one of these for use with my router, and while I was prepared for possibly having to change out the plug to make it fit, it worked out of the box. It also lasts for many hours, far more than the ~90 minutes my APC Back-UPS BN450M powers my cable modem (which has an internal power supply, meaning a DC-DC UPS is not a possibility).

I still like convenience over efficiency.

I still use a toaster oven. Now that is inefficient.

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You can find mini UPS power banks on Amazon for under $40. Talentcell is one brand. They have 12V input and both 12v and 5V USB output. The 12v is true UPS, the 5V is not but your camera will power cycle back up quickly. I have 2 cameras connected to 1 UPS power bank with a Y cable.

It’s critical to add a battery pack option for Wyze cam pan

I would like to see a Wyze battery backup power solution that integrates with the app. I have most of my WyzeCams on UPS, but this is wasteful, as basically having a battery without an inverter is all that is required. Yes there are mobile phone chargers that can also power the WyzeCam, but many don’t act like a UPS (they either charge themselves or power the USB, but not both). Even the ones that do are less than ideal, as I would definitely like to know if one of my WyzeCams loses AC power and is running on battery power.

I could see having a battery option built into the WyzeCam as a good solution, except for those of use who already own a gaggle of these things…


It would be a great improvement for your product if you could create a battery pack that the camera could run on in the event of a power outage or by someone simply turning off the power.

Hmmm…that got me thinking. I’m no electronics expert, but I’m wondering if this reboot couldn;t be prevented within the camera by using either an internal capacitor that provides power momentarily during the switchover, or a small internal backup battery (like a digital clock would have to maintain time during a brownout). I bought a new Keurig a few months ago, and it has such a feature where it maintains the time and settings in case of a momentary power failure (my old Keurig would lose the time and some settings). I understand that a Wyze Cam is not a Keurig, but the Keurigs seem to be designed and constructed much more cheaply with each generation, yet they added this. How hard or costly would it be for Wyze to do this in V3?

Importance of power backup: If the power and internet go down and the power reinstates and the internet stays off the cameras will not record until the internet returns. This is also true for my other cameras. My internet router is on a UPS but that doesn’t stop the external internet from failing. One solution a power bank for each camera

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Any chance you guys are working on a UPS? A small one would be great.

I use the battery from my drone with a usb converter to make my cam completely portable.

Rechargeable emergency battery backup to keep the camera recording in event of power outage (could be caused by someone cutting power before break in).
A battery pack could be backwards compatible, could self charge when power restored, and in event of outage could provide a few hours recording, may be it could through a tweak of firmware force the camera to record continuously to Sd card if the wifi had also suffered power outage, and maybe signal an alert through the cellular network or transmit the live footage to cloud through cellular ?

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Battery Backup for Wyze Cam3

Hi - I have several Wyze Cameras and I was looking to power them by the Micro-USB with a battery box that acts like a UPS - ON all the time - fed power from Micro-USB and outputs to Micro-USB… I have tried several cell-phone battery boxes, but they shut off or will not charge when outputting power. Does anyone know of a device that does this so the cameras can continue to record to their memory card even when power or network is down?

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I would also like to see a (1) Wyze power bank with pass through charging to work as an UPS or to plug into a solar panel via USB as a solar solution -OR- (2) a solar panel with an integrated battery to be able to power v3/non-outdoor cameras with solar. The second might be a bit of a stretch as the panel would have to be larger than the current Wyze solar panel for the Outdoor cams. However the power bank would be great because it could be used in a number of configurations. DC fast charging would be idea to be able to plug into an external AC adapter to an outlet OR plug into an alternative power source such as a solar panel for an all DC setup. Fast charging would be a must to be able to recharge the power bank quickly, especially in a solar setup.

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Built-In Battery Backup of All Cameras

In the event the power goes out, it would be great if future models of all cameras had brief battery backups. It’s nice to have a battery back up on a wireless router, but impossible per-camera. If the cameras could sustain at least 20-30 minutes of operation from an internal battery, it would be nice for power blips or in the event someone unplugs the camera thinking they are getting away with something by doing so.

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The beast of all battery backup setups :bangbang:


VOLTIC - I finally found a USB power battery pack that is always on - I have not purchased one yet, but feel free to check them out:


Create a Battery power box with multiple USB outputs to run several cameras

  1. Advantage, is to get it off power grid so they work during power outages
  2. Support more than 1 camera at a time
  3. Support a multidimensional stacking capability between battery pack,
    a. OG regular camera and telescoping, and a few more OG cameras to get different angles at same time (cubic type arrangement)
    b. see right left, forward , perhaps up and or down (like a fly on the wall) Flood light is good, does it have a battery pack, can you stack more cameras on it? This way can leverage the lower cost of the cameras. Eventually, create a lower cost product that can do this.

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