Rechargable CR2450s for Sense

Hi there, has anyone used rechargables (they exist on ebay) or tinkered with USB 3V power supplies (also on ebay) to keep the sensors running? Does anyone know the power rating or current draw of the Sense switch and PIR / transmitter? thanks

I haven’t looked into the option simply because the battery life on the sensors seems to be adequate as-is and I would rather keep a few extra batteries on hand and swap them out every 6-12 months than try to recharge tiny batteries :slight_smile:

I’m sure the power draw is tiny on all the sensors. If you end up trying a rechargeable or external power supply please update us, I’m sure there are lots of people who would be interested to see the result!

i found these $1 Mini usb 3.3V power supplies on ebay . They are 25mm square, very similar to the dimensions of the CR2450 (24.5 mm diameter) . the pins are detachable & i plan to unsolder that big black jack, use the usb power input on the PS and remove the battery holder inside the motion sensor to hide the PS inside.


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Looks promising! Looking forward to seeing the results :smiley: