Receiving notifications from just one cam

I am currently on Beta app v 2.8.24 and I recently stopped receiving notifications for all my cameras, lock and sense.

I tried disabling and then re-enabling notifications from the main account tab, as well as individual devices with no success. I then uninstalled the app and then reinstalled. This has helped to where I get notifications from my Pan Cam but no other devices.

I have several new events listed but none pushed orni did not receive notifications. Just a few weeks again I was even getting notifications on my lock, but all of those have disappeared.

I am using a Note 10+ with Android v10. Just a side note, I am also not receiving notification on my Samsung 10.1 tablet or my Note 8. Another note, I have checked battery optimization, and made sure Wyze is set to never go to sleep.

Any help of recommendations?
Your thoughts @WyzeGwendolyn?

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We were talking in the FACEBOOK beta page about this too. It’s across beta and production apps and android and iOS. No notifications or none for hours or days and then a bunch come all at once. Not sure what’s going on. Hope we all get it fixed soon. I’ll pass on any info I get. If you get any info please update us. Thanks.

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Awesome. I sure will. Thanks for the info!

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UPDATE: Power cycling the cameras seems to have helped for now. Will try to keep updated if anything changed.


I did power cycle and helped for a few hours. I hope you have better luck.

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