Receiving notification for camera I don't have 2020-06-04

I’m also having the same issue. I even turned notifications off on my app but the notifications for cameras I don’t have keep coming

I’m guessing someone sent out a test message to production, instead of dev. oops

I’ve been receiving errant notifications from a “Cottage Cam” this morning… I don’t own a cottage cam.

There’s a similar post on Reddit about this issue this morning.

Wyze needs to address this asap.

Received 2 notifications regarding a Driveway cam in the past hour but I don’t have such a cam !
When I open the notification, the app is unable to load the video (obviously)
There is something fishy happening :roll_eyes:

Same issue as this thread. I’ve sent notifications up the chain.

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Getting invalid notifications from WyzeBeta.

I have gotten over 4 notifications this morning for “garage” saying a person is detected. Though I have a garage camera it is not a Wyze device and nothing within Wyze is labeled as garage.

Furthermore, the alert is showing 1 hour behind my current time (Alert seems to be CDT while I am EDT).

Just got one called Front Door Cam, also with the wrong time and a few more ‘garage’ alerts.
Clicking the alert luckily leads to nothing – but I do not think I should be getting these garage alerts.

Alerts are showing up on my iOS
Version 2.11.30

Same issue here. Different camera names though. Spy cam and Riley Window. Neither of them mine.

I’m also getting this. I’m in the UK so the time is way out.

Seeing the same issues with notifications “in the future” and false camera names, etc.

Seeing same here… notifications from other people’s cameras ! OMG!

I have not seen this on my app, but I wonder if it is possible that this is someone who is “sharing” their cam with someone else and gave access to the wrong person?

Wyze is on this now. It does not appear that any video is available to the non-owner.

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Why have I just started receiving motion notifications from some unknown source? I’ve received two notifications this morning. Everything has been working great and I’ve made no changes to equipment or settings in the app.

Seems to be a widespread issue. I’m having the same problem even with the app notifications turned off.

same, received 3 events from “kitchen”

Correlated with Receiving notification for camera I don't have 2020-06-04 - #9 by mastermind278 by @omgitstony

I am receiving data from two cams of unknown origin as well. They are not test cams, I believe one is my neighbors because it is named

‘Giana Crib’, as well as a ‘Driveway’. I happen to know my neighbor has two cameras, one facing their driveway and I’m going to assume one inside their house. I am looking into if this could be exploited, I really hope not because I have cameras inside of my house.

This morning I woke to notifications on my phone from my Wyze cam. Yet, they were notifications from a camera named Fedler Family. A camera not associated or shared with me. While this is concerning, I don’t have access to view their cameras, but as of now I am still receiving their notifications. On a good note, it’s person detection that appears to be working for them. :smile:

One can only hope they have quickly rolled back whatever undertested change they implemented last night.

We are being told that the issue has been corrected. An official statement from Wyze coming soon.