Received Wyze Email Stating I had deleted a device

The Email did not state what device I had supposedly deleted, but I went through my manual list I keep and nothing had been deleted (everything seemed to be working). I called support and they asked me a bunch of questions like was I on android or apple. I do NOT remember deleting any devices. I sent them a screen shot of the email (which looked legitimate). Anyone else getting strange emails?
The headers in the email show:
Note the “H” in “Has” is missing from the caption too, which made me think initially it was Spam/Phishing.

Never mind, 3 hours later (almost exactly) I received an email stating a device had not been deleted!


This email kind of concerned me too because “recieving” was mispelled.
The email header showed:;


Wow. Odd. I have deleted many devices in the past (and also not deleted more :joy:). Have never received an email like that… Or seen one here in the forum.

Wonder what new email notification feature they may have been testing. :thinking: Very curious.

I have deleted devices in the “past” too, none recently. I had never seen this type email till I got one yesterday, It did coincide with two firmware updates that came through (Lock Bolt, and VDB Pro).
Looks like they are on top of it, but with those account hacks we are seeing in the Cameras forum, it concerned me!

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I received the same email yesterday. Got concerned as to whether it was a scam email because I was sure that I had not deleted any of my products. I quickly received a reply from wyze assuring me that it was a mistake and the team was working on it.

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That’s good that they sent a follow up addressing the mistake. I guess Wyze is adding emails for updates such as device deletion, but something went wrong and accidentally sent it to everyone.

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