Receive notifications during specific times

Hey guys,

I’ve checked for this option for a while but I can’t find. I don’t know whether it doesn’t exist at all as an option (in that case I’ll post it on the wishlist forum) or maybe I’m not seeing it.

I have multiple cameras and a few of them are in the patio/garage. Is there a way I can setup for notifications to be received during certain time periods only? I would just turn the notifications on but then I would receive so many motion alerts from the sun/shade lol.

If it can’t be done can I use the Wyze motion sensors? How accurate are they? Can they withstand the heat?

Thank you

Setting up person detection has cut my alerts concerning light changes and small animals. I still get recordings but no alerts.

You can use shortcuts to set notifications on or off at set time , on a single camera or with a group of cameras.
One shortcut to turn off notifications at the time you want , One shortcut to turn notifications on at the time you want,

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