Rebooting Wyze remotely

Left Maine for Florida with Wyze working fine. Three days after we arrived some kid takes out a utility pole three streets from the Maine house and power is off for two days. The cameras came back up but not anything connected to the sense hub. Two smart bulbs are stuck in the on position and one of the Plugs is not working. Any way to reboot the sense hub from FL and also gain control of the bulbs and plug?

Unfortunately, the answer to most of your questions is probably not. The plugs will most likely need to be unplugged from power and plugged back in. You’ll probably need to power cycle the hub and bulbs, if not needing to completely reinstall them.

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of. Perhaps the kid that took out the utility pole would be happy to do that for me. :grin:

I had Wyze installed in a second place. I ended up attaching a mechanical timer to reset the power as a remote reboot mechanism.

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