Rebooting a camera when needed

Warning: This is for tinkerers only :slight_smile:
Every so often, one of my cameras goes offline. It’s almost always the one facing our front yard and I suspect it’s getting a little warm in the sun.
What I did first was to put a smart (Samsung SmartThings) outlet on each of the cameras. When I noticed that they were offline, I could shut the outlet off, wait a bit, and then turn it on again. The camera always comes back online in a jiffy.
You’ll notice though that I said “When I noticed…” I really wanted a more me-proof way of rebooting the camera when it went off-line.
My solution was to use EventGhost, which I’m already using for some other PC-related automation to periodically ping the cameras. If the ping comes back OK then everything’s as it should be. If it doesn’t return, then my camera is off-line and I assume it needs a reboot. EventGhost can respond to the lack of ping return event and then make a call to the appropriate webCoRE piston that cycles the power on the appropriate outlet. This way my camera is never off-line for more than 5 minutes.
For the non-faint-of-heart,
EventGhost is here:
and webCoRE (SmartThings programming platform) is here:


this is a great thing for people that have these at vacation homes and cant drive to do an actual power cycle

Thanks for the tip, @qoheleth. You answered a question in my mind. If I’m not at home and need to power cycle one of my cameras, how will I do it? I have been wishing for some Wyze smart plugs, but I guess I will have to settle for another brand for now.