Really not happy with wyze lately

I have cam plus been paying full price on two cameras and cam plus has been worthless of as late. Then i try to log in with two factor sign in on web site and all i get is xlm errors. Been have that problem for sometime now after i delete payment method on site. Hopefully that happened or i will call bank to shut that down over issue. Contacting wyze is impossible about anything. Cam v2, & v3.

Where are you trying to login, Have you tried logging into just, then going to Or once you get the XML error, go back to

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Yes wyze site now
it let me in after4 to 5 trys i have cam plus and its not working at all

Play back has not worked and continuous recording not working on one been frustrated with service for sometime and my cam plus is not up till march if it continues i may move on to reolink better service and contact with real people.