Really large shooting star?


Nice! And welcome to the “Star Gazers Club.”

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yes. that was indeed a very nice meteor.

if I can ask, where about are you located? very wide locations of course…no city or street address :slight_smile:

I am one of a few astronomers around these parts and lately there have been about 4 big “falls” ( big being similar to this) that i have seen online.

all the other videos I have seen are from quite some distance…where as yours is relatively close. being the nerd I am, im always trying to figure out which is which and maybe just maybe if I see one that really interests me, ill grab my metal detector and see about making a trip to do a little meteorite hunting :innocent:


Wow extraordinary very nice! :+1:


Let me guess, you are in Alberta and that was a couple nights ago. I have seem some very impressive video of that one.

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Yes Alberta. I missed this live even though I was up most of the night. We had crazy rain and wind in the few hours before this video.

I am in central Alberta by Red Deer if that helps you.

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:astonished: Awesome

That’s amazing. Looks like Hollywood special effects.

P H E N :comet: M E N A L !

Thank you for sharing it @tashakreutz… was fun to watch several times :face_with_monocle:.

Agreed. Couldn’t help but watching a couple of times.