Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

I moved it to Launched because the RTSP firmware became available to the general public instead of being limited to beta.

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I have the delay, connection loss, and frame-skip issue. I’m using Blue Iris. unchecking “Skip initial HTTP DNS and reachability tests” in the Network IP configuration page of Blue Iris helped a bit, but not entirely.

were there any feature changes in RTSP when moving to GA or is it the same as it was in beta?

Is it possible to install the new RTSP firmware without using the app?

this would be great.

It was the same as the beta but we have an update expected in the next week. I don’t know if there will be any feature changes but we do plan to have function improvements. :slight_smile:

AlbanyHDTV, It varies depending on your router, but you have to go into the port forwarding section on your router settings. From there, you make the Wyze cameras static IP address so it never changes. Once you’ve done that, you forward the ports for each camera. The Wyze cameras use port 554 for RTSP. So for each cameras IP address you forward internal port 554 and make up an external port for each one such as 10554 11554, 12554, etc. For example say your first camera’s IP address is, on the router port forwarding section, you would forward external port 10554 and internal port 554. next camera would be external 11554 and internal 554, etc. Once all that is set up, you can use a camera viewing app to view the cameras using your home IP address instead of the internal 192.168.x.x address.

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Just installed the 2.3.60 iOS beta. Updated 2 of my 4 WyzeCam 2’s to the latest firmware All works well, and I have RTSP streaming to my AppleTV & iPhone with no issues. I love it! However, the camera that I didn’t upgrade the firmware on now won’t authenticate (tries 10 times & times out). That camera is running firmware version, which is the current production version. I’ll go ahead & upgrade the firmware to match the others (a little harder to do since it’s outdoors & up high). Just thought the team might want to know.[ZoneMinder RTSP]
so i found that on reddit, confirmed it does work, how well you ask well still testing… took me a bit to realize there was some config issue with storage in ZM but all seems happy with the stream and record now

I do really appreciate Wyze listening to customers and implementing RTSP. I was able to get it to work with the IPcam Viewer Pro app on my iPhone, which was the goal so I could view the Wyze Pan in one place with my other cameras. However, for now, I reverted back to the standard firmware since it’s a bit too buggy. It drops frequently and has no pan and tilt controls, plus, although it’s compatible with Wyze Sense, I also get Wyze bridge drop outs. I may try again with the expected RTSP update, but for now, the standard firmware channel just seems much better.

The support for RTSP should enable more broad integration with the growing field of home automation. I have played around with many home automation devices and software since the early 1990’s. The WYZE product line is very promising and I am glad to see interest in this area.

Currently, I am working with Wyze, Insteon, Amazon Echo Devices, SONOS, SmartThings, ActiveTiles and TP-Link devices.

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Please ensure a main stream and sub stream, so the WYZE cams can be used with Blue Iris which is an excellent pc based NVR:

(FYI: I don’t work for or sell BI or have any connections to their company).

I just know it to be a well established and popular NVR solution for expensive CCTV cams such as Dahua, Hikvision etc over ethernet, although I believe there’s no reason it can’t use WiFi as well, and it would seem to offer an ideal low cost solution to Wyze owners without the need for an additional app.

I believe the current cost is $29 for a single cam version or $49 for multi-cam, with 1 yrs included support, and although continuing support costs $29.95 per year after the 1st year, you can use it unsupported so the initial cost is one off. The additional yearly costs are only payable if you either want their support or the latest version (without support you can’t get new versions).

From other CCTV forums, I know this to be one of the best off the shelf solutions for a lower budget and it may alleviate the need for Wyze to develop their own viewing app if the WYZE cams can be made BI compatible.

Don’t forget the cost of the mobile app for Android/iOS, for those that want that capability.

There’s already a free mobile app for BI: Home - Blue Iris Software

As you can see. lots of features. Doesn’t the WYZE cam already have an App if used standalone?

Maybe I’m taking crazy pills, but it says the app is $10 on Android.

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Yes sorry you’re right. $10. Still not too bad considering. Now to lay off the crazy pills…

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I know im not the only one that flashed back to this. lol


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for some reason BI to me look like a software from 1990, i mean for the cost i believe they could do better

Well take a look at the many of the IP forums. BI is one of the best low cost but truly professional solutions out there and it’s used in many many professional installations. Sometimes a flashy user interface isn’t everything.

Either way, it’s just a suggestion for compatability. Everyone can choose their own solution.

Wow is this thread long, but great info flow!

Just to report in as a Mac user: VLC works great. We tried QuickTime and Sighthound with no luck.
Delay seems to be 6 or 7 seconds in HD, about 2 in SD, and maybe less in 360p.

iPad Pro with iOS 12.2, VLC app great there to, for quick access (use Network Stream, with Private Playback OFF). Delay seems about 2 sec even in HD on the iPad (?).