Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP)

I’ve been out of this thread for awhile. Just to clarify, this new release will do RTSP on v2 and v3 cams?

According to the post above, and from what I have read it will apply to v2 cams, v3 will take a different version that they are looking into. The one for v2 is the one that is a few weeks out.

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Hmmm… I bought three V2 cams from Amazon less than a month ago and successfully flashed all three (and they work perfectly). Some questions:

  1. How do I know whether the extra three I just bought yesterday are the older or newer “V2” models? Might WyzeGwendolyn provide a serial number “cut-off date”?

  2. If they are the newer models, will the flashing work, report it can’t be used, or will it brick my cameras?

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I believe the newest hardware has a different FCC ID: 2ANJHWYZEC02 instead of 2ANJHWYZEC2.

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Thanks, Bluby. I’m returning the 3 units I just bought (not the “old” original 3 as they work perfectly) and will order three new v3 units when the RTSP firmware is made available.

The improved night vision will be welcomed.


Vote on this topic too please It's time for Wyze to grow up and support RTSP (full integration)! - #9 by davidnestico2001

Would love to see RTSP integration. I’m canceling my Cam Plus subscription. I find that being able to stream with rtsp on the beta version firmware is more important then cloud storage. I am also going to wait on preorders to the V3 cams until I know if RTSP will be supported.


I’ve held off on upgrading my v2 to v3 until, as you stated, RTSP is up and running. As I use HA for EVERYTHING else, not having RTSP is key to the decision process.

The PD ability looks like it will work, as I’m already getting PD on my v2 with the current RTSP firmware, the problem is the unstable feed (compared to my Eufy pan cams), the lag time in viewing, and the lack of any security updates to the orphaned firmware.

Very disappointed this ticket is marked as “Launched”. NO it wasn’t launched as a marketable product!

I have been using Wyze (V2) and Xiaofang (V1) cameras with Xiaomi-Dafang-Hacks RTSP firmware (open source) for the past year or so. Just ordered 6 Wyze V3 cameras and, like everyone else here, hoping for RTSP support.

But, based upon everything I’ve read about Wyze V2 RTSP, it doesn’t sound good.

So, I thought, if this is about money (and what isn’t?), why doesn’t Wyze come up with an RTSP subscription program to fund it’s proper development and support? No, they wouldn’t be able to charge what they do for the cloud service, but they could charge something so that they get a) a continuous after-sales revenue stream from Wyze cams and b) economic justification for making RTSP a good product.

Just an idea.


I agree completely, I’d gladly pay for RTSP support.


RTSP that does Jpg or Jpeg so I can upload weather images to the weather underground =)

The uploading of images can be done with whatever security software you’re running. (ie, Blue Iris)

But…agreed; If Wyze wanted a small fee for the RTSP firmware so their development costs could be offset, I’d gladly pay it.


I would pay too (even a subscription if required)


Do we have an ETA update on this yet? I hedged my bets and had only ordered two v3 cameras (JUST GOT THEM YESTERDAY, WOOT!) as I was scared of no RTSP and that the improved improved night sight was going to be a gimmick. Glad to see the starlight sensor is the real deal!

I plan to pull the trigger on a bunch more once I test RTSP (for my properly and for a historic site where I am on the board). I like to stream parts of my yard to my computer, can’t do that with the app (nice to see the bird feeders while working). Plus Home Assistant integration.

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Sorry, but I do not agree. If I have multiple cameras - at least a dozen around my property and I am easily going to have a dozen at the historic site I help manage - at even $1/month/camera that quickly adds up and would make these cameras expensive in the long run.

RTSP isn’t something that has to be licensed like person detection after the deal (and yes, I had the free offer and chose to pitch in). RTSP is free and has been around for a long time - and is a basic feature on many cameras

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Wyze Cam V3 as well, I hope!

Received my WyzeCam V3 cams today! Any word on approximate delivery on RTSP for V3?

Eagerly awaiting the new firmware…definitely want to try it out as I finally got the Home Assistant integration and I’m trying to polish everything up! :slight_smile:

the lack of the RTSP is I think the main reason I stuck with the amcrest cams.
mostly because they just didn’t’ seem to be as reliable and/or fast when needing to connect.
I have to say though, after using my v3 now for a few weeks, I’m thoroughly impressed.
connects much faster and more reliably.
I’m still interested in this feature, as some of us don’t have many, if any internet options, so service can sometimes not be the most reliable, so not being 100% reliant on internet, or allowing the cams to fallback to RTSP when internet isn’t available or when it detects you’re on the same network.