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I set the camera up in my studio where it seemed to be working, giving an audible alert when motion was detected. Accomplished this despite the setup help video stating it can only be set up with a 2.4GHz router, whereas mine (Apple) is 5GHz. Then I moved the cam outside to the other side of the wall where the base station is mounted, camera and base within 10 feet of each other. When I walk underneath the camera outside with my phone, I see myself (very sporadic), though the phone falls out of WiFi range pretty quickly. Even within range, all notifications have stopped when I walk into its field of vision, even after allowing it to reset.

My biggest question for the moment is how this is supposed to be used if I have to be within really close WiFi range to get alerts? I’ve seen nothing on having it set up on the internet so that I don’t need WiFi to know what’s happening.


The cam has to be on wi-fi. You can use cell data to access your cams when no wi-fi. I checked my 4 WCO and one V3 this morning when I was 35 miles away using Verizon LTE Cell data. Are you sure you set the base up on the 5.0 network? My router has 2.4 and 5.0, different SSID names same password. I just looked at Apple routers on line, the ones I saw had 2.4 and 5.0 with the same SSID (name) Apple says don’t change the SSID name ?

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Thanks for getting back to me on this, Antonius.

“You can use cell data to access your cams when no wi-fi”: Can you point me in the direction of how to set that up? I just turned off WiFi and opened the app, and all it said was WiFi Not Connected… no prompts or anything else. Bear in mind, I just got this, so I’m not on any sort of plan. Would that be a prerequisite?

“Are you sure you set the base up on the 5.0 network?”
My Apple route info just has
BSSID: 4c:32:75:c4:f3:a1
Channel 149 (5GHz, 80MHz)

What kind of phone are you using. This is an iPhone Cell data on and WYZE app use. Recently there have been other post here about members not being able to connect to their cameras via cell data, I have never had the issue even from 500 miles away. iPhone SE2020 iOS 14.7 Verizon LTE

I know nothing about apple routers, maybe you can find information here? Note other folks have said that the WPA 3 only turned has caused them issues, WPA2/WPA3 might be better??
Is the firmware on you new WYZE gear the current version?

Mine is a Samsung Galaxy S8 (would rather it was an Apple… coming soon). Based on your suggestions I was able to navigate through getting it set up on my data stream, so apparently I’m good there. The next issue to resolve is why it stopped alerting me when motion is detected. When I had it in the studio close to the base, it responded to motion with an audible alert. Now that it’s outside, I can walk underneath the camera after its had time to reset, trigger the record function, but I get no alert. If I should start a new thread for that, let me know.

Thanks for your help on this, Antonius.

If the cam created an event video you should get a notification. you have an event video? You didn’t turn the notifications off on the home screen did you. If the little bell has zz notifications are off. Also in the camera setting there is a notification setting. check the home screen first.

I recorded a short 2-sec video earlier, but manually, by hitting “Record” in the app. Apparently it stored that i the camera. I’m so early in the setup process, I don’t yet have an SD card for it, but my Notifications are set to “All Other Motion Events” which I assume is why I was getting a motion-detection alert when I walked into the room where the camera was, before mounting it outside. I can’t get that same alert anymore now that it’s outside.

We are talking about the Battery powered WCO and base station correct? If you have all other motions events you must be using Cam Plus also ? Yes if you manually push record the event does get recorded to the phone. As far as the SD card, the events will not be recorded to the SD card in the base if you are using Cam Plus and the videos will not be on the SD card in the camera either but hundreds of thumbnail photos will be. I got rid of Cam Plus on my WCO because the account got screwed up and I could not download or share the videos. I now have 32GB cards in the cams, set for scheduled event recording, 30 days, no cooldown period max video length each event 2 min. I can’t help you out with the notifications if all is turned on. Maybe a setting on your phone to allow? iPhone has a setting for that also. Check the wi-fi signal on the cam in the outside location, it is under device info in the settings, you should have at least 2 of the 3 bars black.

Edit again. Forgot to add this pic.