Ready to connect and not scanning

My v3 isn’t scanning the code. No film, brightness is up all the way. I have moved the device closer and farther away. Turned it sideways, upside down… still–just ready to connect.

Maybe your answer is here: is your device (Phone) on the 2.4 network?

If the camera keeps repeating, “Ready to connect”, it doesn’t even have the name of the hotspot, nor the hotspot password. That info comes from the QR code, which it can’t read. It hasn’t even attempted to connect to the WiFi.

Whether it’s 2.4 or 5g band, it’s not even a consideration at that point.

???// Got me, are you trying to set up the cam with a hot spot or a router on your network. I have whiskey to drink, maybe someone else can help you out. Your device (Phone) has to be on a 2.4 wi-fi network to set up the cam.

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