Reading card on computer

Hi I can’t read [expletive deleted] my SD card since it won’t even be recognized by my computer. However, it reads in the cam via the app.


Any idea how I can read it on my computer and save it?



Let’s start with what size and brand of card? What kind of computer running what OS? What happens when you connect the card to the computer? Error messages? Much more info needed.

I have same problem. I have recorded continuously on a new 128GB Sandisk extreme card formatted in fat 32. Neither Mac OS or windows 10 can read the card but the footage can be viewed in the Wyze 3 camera. I have used various card readers and I get the same error message of not being able to read the card. My Mac has no problem reading fat 32 formatted cards otherwise and neither does my windows machine. I formatted the sd card in the Wyze 3 camera via the iOS app.

The fact that there is no easy way to save continuously recorded footage easily is ridiculous. I have a 3 hour continuous recording and having to re-record it for 3 hours in camera to create an event makes no sense.

It is extremely hard to find useful support documentation on the Wyze website regarding saving sd card continuously recorded footage to a computer.
Why is that?

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