Read about Wyze on Consumer Reports

I read an article about your android app security problem and how it has been fixed on consumer reports site.

Consumer Reports site

But the big standout comment for me that made me proud to own your cameras:

In terms of performance, the Wyze Cam V2 offers superb video quality and fast response time. The $20 camera does so well in our tests that it earns a CR Best Buy recommendation.

Kudos to you for making a great product.


Hi @shawn15007, welcome!

Yeah, the title makes it sound like there is a huge problem with Wyze cameras, then the article goes on to say:

  • It was actually a minor issue that wasn’t easily exploitable
  • It wasn’t a problem with the camera itself but rather the Wyze app
  • It was immediately fixed
  • Wyze overall has a “Very Good” rating on data privacy and security
  • The WyzeCam “does so well in our tests that it earns a CR Best Buy recommendation”



Congratulations Wyze Team, getting a Consumer Reports’ Best Buy Recommendations is great achievement!


I read that article too and was very impressed.