Re: Unique Notification the battery power supposed to reduce dramatically as well?

Ever since Wyze started with the unique notification sound, the battery on my camera has been dropping at a high rate of speed. I charged it fully 2 weeks ago and today I am at 37% power. I received my camera last October, have charged once. Now I do not know if one has to do with the other, but something clearly is not right. Thoughts?

Get a battery tracking app (I like AccuBattery Pro on Android).

Go an entire Battery cycle without opening your Wyze App (ie: until the battery gets low and needs to be recharged again).

Check what is using your battery the most and if Wyze notifications are really making much difference or if something else is killing your battery fast (and what it is).

It may be something as simple as the new notification drawing your attention more often, thus causing you to open the Wyze app more often and stream video more often, which uses a higher amount of battery than you did before. This wouldn’t necessarily mean that the Wyze app sound is causing extra battery drain directly, but it could just be that it is changing your behavior to stream video more often.

It’s hard to know for sure, but battery-tracking apps can help you nail down what’s going on in your particular case.


I think the original post was talking about the camera battery, not his phone battery.

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