Re-linking camera's to base

So once again my base seemed to lock and all my camera’s appear offline. I tried recycling the power and still the base says it is offline. In the end, I removed the base from the app and re-added it. It came online again. Sadly, the process of adding the camera’s entails going out in the snow on a ladder to disconnect my camera’s from their solar chargers and pressing the ‘sync’ button so they can re-attach to the base.

Just a little venting without using the profanity. Who thought the only way to add a camera to the base is by physically pushing the sync button? Seriously? When I purchased the camera’s, I took a picture of the QR codes and keep them on my computer. I thought that would be an easy way to add the camera, I mean why else would the QR code exist on the bottom of the camera? Logically, adding a camera should be something similar to adding the base using the QR code. But no. If I want my camera to work, I need to go out in a snow storm in the dead of winter and get up on a ladder to pull the camera…&*#$%# Wyze. Do better. This process is garbage. Get your #%@# together and fix this.