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Are we able to rate products. I bought a refurbished vacuum and it lasted one day. I bought an outdoor camera and it lasted a couple months. Both we outside the 30 day return window. After going through that bot thing for help for like an hour, u finally spoke to someone human. Every response from her too like three minutes. And all I got was go to sour help and see if you can fix this yourself !!!

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Sorry your experiencing these issues.

Can you explain what happened to the vacuum? What stopped working? Also, if it broke after 1 day, how was it outside the return window?

What happened to the outdoor cameras, was it the battery powered model? Thanks

Yes. Go to Wyze.com, find the product you purchased. When you see the Star Rating, click on the reviews number. Then click Write a Review.

If you type in “chat with an agent” it will bypass the bot questions and connect you to an agent.

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You’re penetrating the bureaucracy!!