Random recording failure

camera stops recording at least once a week. This makes if useless for home security.

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Can you explain any more details so that we can try to help you out? Or have you reached out to technical support?

i did but no real help. It work fine for days but then just stops recording. I’ll have to unplug the power and restart, After that it will work for several days but it happens often.

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without any more information there’s not much I can do to help you I’m sorry buddy

well, when I go to playback there are long skips in the middle of the day where is says video is unavailable. It will resume in playback mode afterward but the alerts stop pinging my phone. usually Live Stream works but notifications and the 12 second clips fail. i really don’t know how else to describe it.

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And you submitted a support ticket?

I went through the app for support. They told me to uninstall the device and to re-install it. I did and it worked for a week but the issue started soon after. I don’t understand why Live Stream works but it wont record.

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Go to support. During the day You can actually even talk to someone.


Thanks, I will. I actually just went through the issues section on the app and will try to upgrade firmware. While 4th was looking I noticed the hours for chat support. Have a nice evening.

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You too. Good luck.