Random group display errors

Group display shows one or more Cams offline but individual screen shows cam working well. Happens randomly on both Iphone and Ipad, under beta and public apps. IOS 13,1.2. Happens randomly. Think this may have been posted earlier but I didn’t find it, so…

Group cam screen

Individual cam screen

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Have had that happen a few times (on Beta). Turning the Group off/on seemed to clear it for me,

This group display prob doesn’t occur on Android Wyze app, only on the iOS app.

Thx, Seasnake215, but that didn’t clear my errors. My error codes are (20010 20012). I have an old iPad running 9.3.5. My newer iPad experiences the same issue.

This happened immediately after upgrading firmware on my WyzeCams (1/22/2020).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have had an ongoing support dialog about this issue and this just popped up on FB:
UPDATE 1/22/20:
As some of you noticed, we paused the firmware upgrades for Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan yesterday. We found a couple of issues that did not surface during the beta testing rounds that would lead to load issues with our cloud and connectivity problems for people using Wyze Cams in groups on iOS devices.

We are still working on the fixes for these issues and they will require another firmware upgrade later. In the meantime, no further devices will be upgraded to the new firmware and we are working on solutions to these problems. We expect to have a resolution in the near future. If you are having trouble viewing groups after the firmware update, please contact our customer support team so we can help:
We apologize for this experience and appreciate your patience.
Posted by Gwendolyn. Hopefully this will lead to a resolution.

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