Random audio playback during reboot

Hi, I set up a WYZE Cam, WYZEC2, and near the end of the set up process, the app prompted me to install the new firmware, which I did. I’m not sure if at this point, during the reboot or moments later during another point of reboot, this is what happened:

It rebooted and AS it was rebooting, the camera played a piece of audio of my voice that I had spoken as a test minutes before. (E.g. I said something like “this is a test, can you hear my voice” over my iphone by holding down on the mic icon.) As it rebooted, it played, “this a tes-” And then stopped. It did not play the entire sentence of what I spoke.

Is this normal? I have it in a conference room for security purposes. If I ever have to re boot the camera while a meeting is taking place in the room, or the system reboots it automatically for some reason (or lets say the power goes down and then back up?) that will be embarrassing for me and the conference room attendees if random audio is played back.

Any thoughts? If this is an issue, maybe WYZE cams are not a good fit for me.

Please advise. Thanks!

I would say it’s not typical behavior since I’ve never run across that through many setups and firmware upgrades.

It sounds like the recording was queued for playback and was either delayed (if you never heard it when testing) or repeated (maybe the temp storage location in the camera was never cleared?). I don’t know exactly how Wyze handles the two-way audio feature so we might need a Wyze engineer to tell us how that’s possible.

@WyzeGwendolyn is that process something an engineer could shed some light on?