Questions "after" flashing Wyze Cam V2 to a webcam

Hello all,

I have ordered everything I need and I will use the instructions here:
Webcam Firmware Instructions

My questions please:

Can I remove the microSDcard after flashing?

Will any of these software titles work with this newly created webcam?
Cyberlink YouCam, OBS Studio, Debut Video Capture Software

Thank you,

Welcome to the forums! Yep, once the camera is flashed to a webcam you can remove the SD card. Personally I’ve used the Wyze webcam for Zoom and OBS but any program which recognizes a HD webcam on your computer should work. Once I flash the firmware the cameras came right up on my computer. There has been talk from a small amount of people that have had issues with drivers and having issues getting their webcam to work, but the majority get it to work fairly easyly. Just make sure you follow the instructions.


Hi Omgitstony,

Thank you for responding and answering my questions. Your help is/was greatly appreciated.

I decided to give this a try after buying (and returning) a few “highly-rated” knock-off webcams.

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