Questions about WCO

I was wanting to know if it possible to have the the charging cord connected all the time? I want the outdoor cam to record constantly.

I also wanted an idea of the delay between motion being detected and recording beginning? Another brand of camera I have is so slow that it misses the person arriving and only show them leaving. I need to see their face not the back of their head.

Love my V2

Welcome to the Forum Community, @stoveguy.
The cam will operate with the cord connected as usual, but since it requires opening the charging port it defeats the waterproofing and, I’m pretty sure, voids the warranty.
There is a delay in recording time. The PIR sensor detects the motion and then “wakes” the cam from its battery conserving state. This causes a delay before recording.
In my testing and usage it seems to vary from event to event. Mine mostly watch wildlife and sometimes they are entering and sometimes leaving.

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So what is the best way to ‘cut down’ on the delay time as well as minimize the events so that the camera is not set off by cars, birds, squirrels, etc? Thanks.