questions about video

here are my questions about the video

  1. I don't have an sdcard in my camera, but it still records video and saves it to the much video can I record without an sdcard? and do I really need one
  2. is there a way to live stream from the camera to my facebook page? I know you can view it with the app, but what about like how I would do a facebook live with my cell phone
  3. how can I use it in my car. I saw some video from the developer where he was streaming from his car...I know you can power the camera with a usb cable but how to you get a wifi connection while driving
  4. Thats it for now, having fun using it
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  1. You can record the live stream on your phone until you fill up your phone's memory, or until you reach a file size limit if there is one. You need an SD card if you want to record video without having to be running the live stream live on your phone.
  2. I don't know of any.
  3. How to provide in car wifi is way beyond the scope of this forum. Google "mobile hotspot". However, once the camera is set up, it will record to an installed mSD card even if out of wifi range.

so when it says its recording to my album…its really recording to my phone?

Yes, to a Wyze album in your phone’s camera roll. If you’re using an iPhone, open the Photos app, tap Albums and you will see a “Wyze” album there. Not sure what it looks like on Android.