Question for Wyze: When using "Record on Event", when is μSD card written to?

alicmcc asked:

…will i still get alerts when motion is detected outside of the zone and are stored on the cloud?

Answer is No. From what I’ve experienced, the motion detection region is used by both types of video capture (store on cloud, and record to local SD card). In the former case, a 15-sec video clip containing the motion event (as detected in the specified region) is uploaded to Wyze HQ. In the latter, a 1-minute (minimum) recording is saved on the SD card, assuming that the cam is configured for “Record events only”. If the motion continues (in the specified region), the cam will continue to record successive 1-min segments on the SD card. However, after the first 15-sec clip gets sent to the cloud, the cam goes into a cool-down phase for 5 minutes and will not send any more clips to the cloud, nor send any further notification events to the app.


Cheers Kyphos - i’ll have a play with it tonight.