Question about upload footage off of WYZE camera

Hello fellow WYZE cam people forgive me if im posting in the wrong place. Its been years scenes I was on a forum. My question is I have multiple WYZE cameras and I have caught people breaking into my shop and work vans I would like to upload them but what is the limit size of the file and most of them are wearing masks. I installed Wyze cam pan v3 in my work vans and I just wanted to show people the effect of when the thief see a camera in a van tracking him BUT a couple of them flip the bird to the camera and I cant figure out how to blur out the bird can you guys give me some advice thanks in advance

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Welcome, the maximum upload the Forum is 5.86 MB. If you have a video larger, you can use a product like Handbrake to reduce the size.

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A quick Web search turns up tutorials on YouTube about how to do that in OpenShot. I don’t have any experience using that software, but I mention it because it’s open source and cross platform, and I don’t know what OS you’re running on whatever device you intend to use to edit your videos. :man_shrugging:

You can also upload a larger video to YouTube and post a link. That will get you around the 5.86 MB upload limit.