Question about the events

With the new v3 pro , the events are now gonna be on the live view of the camera.

My question is , to the current users who have been using the v3 pros . Do the events for the v3 pro still show up in the events tab or can you only view them when you have the camera open on the live view…


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They still show up in the events tab


Thanks :slight_smile:

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Also, when you get your pro, you will notice that the Events that are listed in the bottom pane of the Live Stream Screen are “Recent Events”.

It is NOT all of your events. You can’t just keep scrolling down to the bottom of the list to see the first event of the day (unless you have only a few events). If you have a lot of events, the recent events list will only go so far. Not sure what the number limit is for recent events.

EDIT: My “Recent Events” cuts off @ 40 events.

But, as @spamoni4 already posted, ALL of your events will be in the Events tab just like you are used to seeing.


Thanks for sharing this information.

How’s your experience been with the v3 pro so far ?

So far it has been a learning experience with the new features and UI. I am still learning the flow.

That’s how I knew the Recent Events list was too short. I went looking for the stupid Amazon delivery guy who can’t follow directions and the list just stopped. Figured it out after poking around.

I am not testing it like The NetGuy did tho. I put mine next to a V3 to see how much better it is. It seems to be MUCH more sensitive to me, probably because of the higher video quality. It looks nice and crisp. Haven’t checked any recordings yet to see if the V3 artifacts are gone. That is what I want it for.

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Has the audio and 2 way talk improved ?

:man_shrugging: Haven’t had a chance to go full throttle yet. Way too busy w\ other projects.

But, I very rarely will ever even turn audio on when I watch events. Only ever used the 2 way audio on all my V3 once and that dude was riding a lawnmower mowing my yard! He couldn’t hear me activate the sirens or tell him “Thank you! Please trim the hedges. You’re not getting paid!” (He had the wrong house. Neighbor’s lawn didn’t get mowed :rofl:)

The only thing audio related I have seen is @Earl.Automation’s post in the V3Pro Thread, but you already saw that.

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