Question about the core starter kit and leak sensor

I want to add leak sensors to the basement of our shore house. I understand that these sensors need the core starter kit to function. That said, does anyone know whether I actually have to use the core starter set sensors (door, motion, etc…) or whether I just need to set up the base for the water/leak sensors to send data to? In other words, I don’t mind getting the core set, but I don’t need an alarm - I already have one. I am hoping that the core starter model will just be the unit that talks to the app.

Also, does anyone know whether the core starter sets needs the monthly monitoring to function? All that I really need is to know whether I have water in my basement. I don’t want to pay a monthly amount to know whether that is happening.

The starter kit includes hub, door sensors (2 I think) and motion sensor. These all work without the HMS subscription but right now you can’t buy them without it. So you’d need to at least pay for one month of HMS to get the kit. You don’t need to use the door and motion sensors.

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The hub (included in the core starter kit) is all that’s required for the leak sensor to function. You’ll be able to be notified by the Wyze app when a leak is detected.
The core starter kit is currently only available with purchase of the HMS subscription.

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