Question about tagging and then deleting events

For video events, there is an option to manually tag and submit them for feedback and improvement.

My question is: If I tag and submit an event, and then subsequently delete it, is the event still available to engineering or whoever uses this feedback?

The reason I ask is because I often delete events in the event list after reviewing them to declutter the event list. But I don’t want to inadvertantly shoot myself in the foot by deleting potential feedback.

I’m just not sure how it works, and whether or not feedback events get copied into an engineering bucket or something.

That would be a good question to ask the Cam Plus or AI team the next time they do an AMA event.

If I had to guess, I’m sure it must be copied to the AI engineers, because nobody can access events for your account. Also, what happens if you’re viewing an event from 14 days ago, and submit the event on Saturday, but nobody gets in until Monday? It would be wiped off your account before anyone even gets in to work to ever see it. Plus, they have indicated that they only update the AI training data once per month, so that means half the submissions since the previous update would’ve been deleted before they even get a chance to include them. For several of those kind of reasons, I conclude that once you “Submit” an event and feedback for it, that it is saved for the AI team to use whenever they are ready to update the AI with more data. :+1: